Tuesday, November 29, 2016

so many things that i want to tell

first of all i am a wife
second i am a mother
third i will be a mother of 2..

life is unexpected and full with surprises that eventually everything just happen naturally and very very quickly..

Monday, December 1, 2014

Back to Back

For the first time ever..ive been travelling back to back with 2 weeks gap in the middle..

It was one of the best and tiring experience that i had for quite some time..

The first trip was France where i attend 2 weeks diploma course at University of Montpellier..

I managed to go around Montpellier and for the first time i enjoyed eating local food when most of the time whenever i travel. i cook and cook and cook to save money..

So this is the first time that i splurge a bit.. :) because of my coursemates who is super super awesome.. i had so much fun laughing and eating with them..

They are super crazy fun.. reminds me of my friends.. it is such a shame the course is only 2 weeks..

we ate amorino everyday and sometimes twice a day.. the gelato is seriously good.. and so pretty to eat..

its a university town and populated mostly with students..it has one big mall in the town itself and a few more outside which i didnt go..

theres even a beach..which i also opt not to go..because Asian beaches is nicer.. :)

But do come here and enjoy the city, crooks and alley..and it was my first to go to a wine festival and enjoy the markets and food over there..

should have post more pictures but.. let me see,. hmmm need more pictures i think :)

cafe gourmand.. how i luv french culture.. coffee with mini desserts.. such a great way to end your meal.. :))

We eat the gelato everyday.. the best and yummiest mango gelato ever.. never been to italy to taste the origin of

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


When you think about accessories, what is the first thing that popped in your head?

For me it’s bracelets.

Why? Because it is the easiest way to transform an outfit from normal into something that brings the character in you.

You can either go rock chic, plain jane or quirky just by wearing something at your wrist.

There are three types of must-have bracelets for women to have in their jewellery collection, silver plated stainless steel, multi-stacked bangles and charm bracelets.

The first bracelet is the silver plated stainless steel bracelet which is loved by women of all age groups *hint Tiffany’s anyone? ;)

It is simple but tasteful look to wear which will definitely matches with anything they have on.

Besides that, women who prefer to shake up their fashion look with a funky approach can opt for the colourful multi-stacked bangles. The multi-stacked bangles allow women to have a little fun creating a more fun energetic look. These colourful multi-stacked bracelets will absolutely boost up your confidence and add some attitude in your personality.

The third must-have bracelet that every woman should have at least one in their collection is a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are a way for women to create and wear a piece of jewellery which reveals their true character. For example, women can choose from a wide selection of charms to add on their bracelet. The charm bracelets can give women a sense of individuality in their personal fashion look.

Some women give it to their best friends, beloved mothers and also to their partners with certain charms to symbolize the bond between them. If you are excited to own these three stunning bracelets for women collection, have a look at ZALORA as it offers a wide range of women bracelets online from various brands.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Korea : Seoul, Busan, Gyeongju and Daejeon

I never thought i will like Korea. Whenever, my boss ask who wants to go for training or meetings at Korea, I will just smirk. "Sorry not interested". Poyo much rite? :p

Anyway went there for the first time last year, and been there twice after, seriously Korea taken me by surprise. All i can say Korea is fusion. Its a mix of modern, traditional, Western and nature all mashed into this one all-in-one country.

When u go to Europe, the cities tend to look alike after awhile. Korea is like that too, but at the same time the cities that i went had different vibe in all of it. One thing for sure Korea is very safe, super safe. U can leave your belongings and it wont go missing. The food is good. The fusion or authentic korean food is yummy. Not a fan of kimchi still.

During autumn Gyeongju is really beautiful. I stayed at Hyundai Hotel with the background of a lake and mountains. Really beautiful and peaceful.

*hint: my first date with my husband was here

Went to Bulguksa Temple which is Unesco Heritage Site takes my breath away.

U should come here during autumn. at least once.

And i luv the beach here, it is quite a drive but the beach here is gorgeous and i have a thing with the beach, maybe im just biased, the rocks at the beach is beautiful.

Lovely modern town with its own unique character. The Gamcheon Culture Village (Art Village) which looks like Santorini, is one of a kind. I love it here. Really good memories. Really sweet memories. Really colorful. My kind of quirky village.

Koreans are obsessed with coffee at most of the coffee places here are by the beach. Sipping coffee indoor as it is too cold, and having great conversation with great company is just perfect.

The bridge is also very pretty at night, cant remember the name of the bridge, walking and just do what most do: people watching :)


Seoul Tower and the Love Keychains is cliche, but it reminds me of the Pont De Arts at Paris.. So please come and be cliched..

Itaewon, great walk, great people watching and lots of halal food and the only mosque is here. A big one :).. Come and pray here.

The War Museum, is simply awesome. Wish that i had more time here. Dont walk from Itaewon its too far. Take a cab, im pemalas u know.

Then go to Dongdaemun and shop for clothes. I went crazy there, but went with my husband, so mode crazy was on a behave mode.

Namdaemun is fun, lots of souvenirs and brooches and everything.. when it comes to shopping i cant write. Because my brain is not functioning.

Insadong is another art alley which i love as well.. Absorb the art and culture and u will be cultured :) *whatever right*

Gyeongguksa Temple in the middle of Seoul with the gardens, and changing of guards during the weekend is very interesting, but once is enough for me. The gardens and if the weather is nice, just sitting down by the gardens and chill.


Truth is when it comes to Daejeon, I cant write much, as i went there for work and to be with my husband. So the only thing i remember is cycling at KAIST and the side of the lake. Luv the coffee shop "Art De Espresso" I think at the national park. Went there for a hike, my first ever and subhanallah, lawa sgt eventhough i was semput already. Besides that, Daejeon is a nice university town, everything is there.

Enough about Korea, I think... Will update if i go to Jeju or skiing there one day. Btw, my husband is there. Im not a KPOP fan tau that i go there all the time.